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Aging Well in America

Anne Marie Gattari, Show Host
Every day 7,000 people in this country turn 65 according to AARP. Are we ready? Is America ready? There is an incredible amount of research, planning and preparing for this population going on around the world – and right here in our own community.

Detroit Economic Club

We broadcast meetings of Detroit Economic Club, one of the nation's premier speaking venues for CEOs and government officials. The club is a non-partisan, non-profit, membership organization that provides a platform for the debate and discussion of business, government, and social issues.

Cars in Context

John Clor, Show Host
We're constantly being bombarded with automotive information. Put the world of cars into the context of our everyday lives.

Great Lakes Log

Ted Everingham, Show Host
Engaging interviews about interesting people, places and activities on the Great Lakes including Lake Saint Clair. Discussions of timely issues affecting the Great Lakes system and those who enjoy it.

In a Heartbeat

Liz Aiken and Dr. David Balle, Show Hosts
When life changes, the first thing you know is you need to know more. Medical information, health issues and breakthrough science technology are discussed with the specialists.

The John Prost Show

John Prost, Show Host
John interviews Detroit and Grosse Pointe celebrities and guests about timely topics.

Out of the Ordinary...Into the Extraordinary

Robert and Pamela Taylor, Show Hosts
Robert and Pamela present an extraordinary half-hour of people, places and ideas from the metaphysical realm. The show covers spirituality, wellness and creativity.

Pointes of Horticulture

Mil Hurley, Show Host
Advanced Master Gardener Mil shares tips, gives advice and interviews local authorities on gardening. Check out recent episodes on Mil Hurley's website.

The Senior Men's Club

Luncheon speaker for the Senior Men’s Club addresses timely business issues, senior topics and community affairs.

Vitality Plus

A half-hour of aerobics, step or kickboxing exercise!