Honoring our Veterans

Our veterans are not just names in a history book. They are our fathers and our brothers, our mothers and our sisters, they are our friends and our neighbors. They are the heroes next door. Their stories of sacrifice and courage must be preserved and shared with every generation so that we may as a community always be mindful of the selfless, brave individuals that are responsible for keeping our nation free.

The Patriot Initiative

To promote American patriotism and honor our heroes, the Patriot Initiative serves to support the mission of The War Memorial, recognize veterans as patriots, honor our fallen heroes, foster positive growth and awareness, and engage our community.


For their heroism and dedication, we honor patriots in every form, from veterans to local police. Upon the walls of the historic Alger estate, our Memorial names every warrior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, who gave his or her life while protecting our nation. From Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day, events at The War Memorial remind us of our mission to honor our nation’s patriots.


The Patriot Initiative provides service by having a designated fund in our endowment, which grants support to other organizations that excel at providing specific high-value services to patriots. We also offer an annual series of free events for patriots on the campus of The War Memorial.


Providing a strong and consistent demonstration of patriotism, we lead the charge to recognize patriots in our community, across our nation, and throughout our daily lives. We also mobilize support for policy and awareness that reminds us of how frequently everyone is affected by patriotism.

For more information on our Veterans program please call 313.881.7511.