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Fay Hansen: Learn to Grow—Grow to Learn


Continuing in The War Memorial’s fine tradition of presenting poignant thought leaders, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Oakland University, offering lectures, discussions, and learning experiences with our region’s leading academicians, all completely free to the public.

Held in The Patriot Theater at The War Memorial, the Scholars Series presents multidisciplinary lectures covering a myriad of topics including the arts, political science, biology, music, environmental studies, and more.


This event is free and open to the public.
Due to space limitations, pre-registration is requested.


About Dr. Fay Hansen

After more than 18 years of externally funded research on cardiovascular disease, Dr. Hansen elected to close her biomedical research laboratory and “re-tool” in organic farming. She received her Certificate in Organic Farming from Michigan State University in 2008, returning to campus to establish the Campus Student Organic Farming Program, which she now directs. Her goal is to help prevent cardiovascular disease and associated pathologies by increasing awareness of linkages between disease and the food system, including how sustainable food is produced and how farming and food production practices affect both environmental and human health. In addition to basic research on plant-soil interactions in organic farming, her scholarly activities currently include using “food” as an overarching theme for academic innovation to enhance community engagement and applied problem-solving in the STEM disciplines. Her work also involves fostering interdisciplinary and experiential approaches to 21st Century learning, using the Campus Student Organic Farm as a “living laboratory.” Many of her students have presented their research projects at national and international meetings and/or have been co-authors on her publications.

About Oakland University

Oakland University is recognized as a student-centered, doctoral research institution with a global perspective. A public institution, we engage nearly 20,000 graduate and undergraduate students in distinctive educational experiences that connect to the unique and diverse opportunities within and beyond our region.

The university was established in 1957 through a generous donation from founders Alfred and Matilda Dodge Wilson. They contributed their historic estate and $2 million to Michigan State University to establish a satellite school, named Michigan State University – Oakland.

Oakland provides a distinct educational experience with flexible class schedules and state-of-the-art facilities, student services, classroom technologies, research labs, internships and research opportunities with corporate partners. Located in the heart of Oakland County's Automation Alley, the university has forged hundreds of partnerships with hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, cities, government agencies and educational institutions.