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VideoMasthead Gala

Bugles and bagpipes.
Flags and drums.
Bells and names.

Names are more than a list, they are lives lost forever on our behalf.

For those whose eyes still scan horizons, still listen for footsteps on the porch, still feel the squeeze of the final hug, the moist press and breath of the last kiss upon the cheek, all from the soldier who will never return.

And for those who breathe the thin air of cloud-capped mountains, for those who taste the dust of distant deserts, for those who feel warm jungle water in their boots, for those who circle over foreign lands or cruise under polar ice caps, for those who do these and more for us — may the knowledge of our gratitude strengthen their sore muscles, renew their commitments, until such a time as we will need warriors no more. —Rev. Peter J. M. Henry

Memorial Week 2017 at The War Memorial was sponsored by Wins for Warriors Foundation