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An Evening with Chef Godwin Ihentuge


Experience the cuisine of Chef Godwin Ihentuge’s childhood, brought to a new level of sophistication through his talents and techniques. Chef Godwin, co-host of the Refrigerator Diaries podcast lives his mantra, “I am Food. All the food is good. Food is life.”

Tickets: $47, including dinner, wine pairings, and cooking demonstration
Wine pairings limited to ages 21+

Your evening’s menu

Each course is paired with wine for those 21+

Akara (Black Eyed Peas Fritters)
with black eyed peas, garlic, onion, red pepper

Maafe (West African Peanut Soup)
with palm oil, stew tomatoes, vegetables, peanut

Jollof Rice
with stew tomatoes, garlic, red onion, bay leaves, and palm oil

Pepper Spiced Lamb Shank
with dried mint, zaatar (related to oregano), rosemary, thyme, grapeseed oil